New Pickle Circus

A young woman is struggling to survive. She has all the trappings of a perfectly normal life: she has to make money, surf the net, do the gym, drink the latte. But what about Feelings? What about Truth? What about Passion in the face of Reality? It all seems impossible to achieve, until she comes face to face with a small tribe of impoverished circus performers. They whisk her away to save their circus, and she finds herself transported to a world where nothing is impossible!

The New Pickle Circus is the professional performing company of Circus Center, a non-profit circus arts organization. Susan plays the principal role in Circumstance, the Pickles' holiday 2002 production. Circumstance is directed by two well-seasoned Pickles from the original Pickle Family Circus, Gypsy Snider and Shana Carroll. Circumstance premieres at Fort Mason's Cowell Theater on December 18 and runs through January 1.

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