Crossed Stars

If we meet there—at that certain place, at that certain time—what words could be spoken between us? Win or lose, rise or fall, don't let go... Trust me: love has enough problems without gravity.

Crossed Stars is a piece Susan originally created in collaboration with Max Haverkamp for the BATP show Festival of Fools (12/1999). The act was also performed at Festisis (8/2000) and the London Juggling Convention (10/2000).

Crossed Stars combined the amazing juggling abilities of Max with the sensual movement of Susan in the air, resulting in a piece that was both technically challenging and emotionally powerful. The simplicity of the metaphor— a relationship between man and woman expressed through juggling, dance, acrobalance and aerial work—creates a story as fantastic as it is touching.

Garden of Eden

The Garden of Eden is a piece Susan created in collaboration with Daniel Lechner for the BATP show Hypnophilia (5/2000). The act was also performed at the Stratford and Hackney Marsh Festivals in the summer of 2000.

The Garden of Eden combines dance, acrobalance, and doubles aerial work with the fall from grace. Starting side by side on the earth, we awaken. Our first sense is touch as we explore this new world. Love is not always innocent, or safe. If she pulls away, will he seduce her again? If she gets too close, will he refuse her love? In this garden it's obvious who is the snake. The dominant and submissive roles are played out to their inevitably tragic conclusion.


Tick is a piece that was created and performed for Project Ellipse at the Auch Festival in France in November 2000. In addition to performing as a part of the ensemble and on corde lisse, Susan challenged her ability to work as assistant director alongside director Deborah Pope.

Tick developed naturally out of the abilities of the performers, who included: Adam Cohen, a tumbler and juggler; Nick Litton, a big guy and juggler; Suzie Clarke, an aerialist; Magali Bancel, a contorsionist; Aaron Walker, an aerialist; and Susan Voyticky, an aerialist. Playing with light and sound, stillness and motion, an undressed party of six approach a table and three chairs. Exposed (well, almost completely) they begin to reveal and revel in the circus called life. Between the Time Warp and a fist-fight, just about anything can happen!


Transposed is a comic piece for cradle Susan created in collaboration with Nick Litton under the technical direction of Pauline Palacy performed in October 2001 at The Circus Space.

Exploring the fear within, Transposed follows the story of a couple as they watch a horror movie. Lines between dreams and reality get blurry as Nick transforms into a monster and Susan becomes a damsel in distress. However, monsters are not always who or what they appear to be at first. Action packed chases and high velocity cradle moves ensure a wildly atypical version of Beauty and the Beast.


Untitled was the final character based ensemble show created by the degree course. Set in an art gallery and directed by Joyce Henderson, this piece was performed at The Circus Space in September 2001. Susan relished the opportunity to support and encouraging fellow performers throughout the creative process.

In Untitled, Ashley Carr plays the title role of a man searching for meaning in this circus of an art gallery. Occupied by moving statues, a frustrated artist, snobby patrons, a very flexible student, two disgruntled cleaners and some very strange guardians, 24 hours is intensely reduced to one and a half. Susan remarkably held her own as a statue before removal threatens and a security guard, played by Nick Litton, comes to the rescue. Chaos ensues as a fight between the art world and the real world threatens to destroy everything. Somehow love conquers all and Ashley rejoins the world a better man.

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