Wide-Arm Hang

1. (v.t.) Give up to another's control or mercy; surrender oneself completely to a passion or impulse.
2. (n.) Careless freedom, letting oneself go.

Abandon was created by Susan, under the technical direction of Pauline Palacy, for the degree show Just Warming Up, and was also performed at the International Mime and SkyDancers festivals.

Abandon is a breathtaking solo for swinging cerceau with live singing. Music for Abandon was created in collaboration with Ayel Lambert Ramos.

Abandon is an expression of femininity. It is a poem about love, loss, holding on, and letting go. It shows how loneliness and fear can lead to independence, strength, and joy. In a phrase: it is the frailty of a lady's hand as it delicately, yet definitely, moves towards the force of her passion.

Technical Requirements

  • Low act
    • 16' minimum height
    • 16' in front and in back of the swing
    • For the cerceau: 2 ceiling points, at the same height, 39" apart.
  • High act
    • 24.6' (7.5 m) minimum height from ground to swinging bar
    • 24.6' in front and in back of the swing
    • For the swinging bar: 2 ceiling points and 4 guy points.
    • For the safety line: ground point (to which line is attached) and 2 ceiling points for pulleys.
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