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Our formation, Strate, consists of the following elements:

The Artists

Ayel Lambert Ramos: A self-taught musician, Ayel worked in industrial design before studying at the CIM Jazz School in Paris. Since 1994, Ayel has been involved in numerous jam sessions with dancers in Paris (Théâtre Contemporain de la Danse) and New York City (Movement Research). His primary area of musical research involves the use of the Chapman Stick®, a hybrid guitar which produces a unique timbre and which demands an unusual playing technique. Susan M. Voyticky: an artist of many facets. After completing a degree in Science, Technology, and Society at Stanford University, Susan moved to Paris to cultivate her artistic passions. She is fluent in various forms of movement (improvisatory dance, butoh, aikido, capoeira, and yoga) and has studied physical theater in Paris (l'Ecole Jacques Lecoq) and the United Kingdom (The Circus Space), while at the same time discovering her voice through lyrical singing. Susan strives to blend these artistic influences in unconventional and synergistic ways.

The Music

Downloadable audio clips will be placed here soon. Please e-mail Susan if you would like to obtain a CD.